Monday, May 4, 2009

The Miracle of Making a Difference

This past week I've been reading some blogs. No different from other weeks, except that I've focused on following Compassion's bloggers' trip to India. I can't begin to imagine how traveling to a third-world country could affect you, but I get a little taste through their posts.

These bloggers are traveling with one purpose - to make a difference in lives. They are writing about their experiences in order to further the work of Compassion, which is making a huge difference in families' lives all over the world.

Take a few minutes to read for yourself:

Compassion Bloggers

Oh, and if you stop by Shaun Groves' blog, one of the leaders on the trip, you can download his song, "Kingdom Coming" for free! (It's on a banner on the right side) Such a good song.

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