Friday, January 8, 2010

New Year, New Start

Here it is, January 8, and I'm just now typing my first post of the year. It's not that I forgot I had a blog, just that other things took priority. I have been busy cooking, cleaning, organizing, and just spending time with family. You know, I those things I should be doing.

We had a fabulous Christmas. Jason was off for the two weeks around Christmas and it was nice to feel like we had a little vacation at home. (Not a staycation - who came up with that word anyway?) I also got some much-needed jobs around the house completed and am still working at some others.

We were able to celebrate Christmas at my sister's house, which was a treat. We did this before Christmas, due to my brother's work schedule. I love that we have several places to celebrate and Christmas can last for a week or more.

All the pictures I have from those two days are a blurry and dark mess. A gift that Jason and I got for the family is my new camera. A great deal on Amazon one day made my year. I'm going to have so much fun learning about my new camera. A fun part is that my sis-in-law got the same camera for Christmas! Maybe she can give me some pointers. My niece told me that once you use an SLR, there's no going back. I believe her!

So here are a few fun shots from Christmas. Maybe I'll get back into the swing of things and post more this year. ;)