Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Happy Birthday!

As of yesterday, we officially have a five-year-old. It's hard to put into words how you feel about your child turning another year older. We only had the second half of my pregnancy to prepare for her arrival, and sometimes I feel like we still don't have enough time to prepare for her arrivals. Many times I wish time would slow down so we could really take in what is going on around us.

She used to never sleep through the night; now it's at least more often than not. She admitted the other day that when we wakes us up to tell us she's had a bad dream, she hasn't always had a bad dream; she just wants to cuddle with us. And she wasn't a cuddly baby! But I love my Gabby cuddling time.

A few things about Gabby at the big age of five:

Favorite food: Currently, Shells & Cheese
Favorite drink: Apple Juice
Favorite activities: Playing outside & drawing

She loves to learn, and I love that about her. I pray she continues that! I'm extremely biased, but I think she's a great student.

We are very proud of the little lady she is becoming!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Today I have so much in my mind I want to write about, but I can't put it all down. It would probably make up ten different posts. Not that you'd want to read them all, anyway! In the meantime, remember the bloggers who are traveling to Kenya with Compassion International. Keep up with them. Read their posts. But most of all, pray for them. They will most likely never be the same after this trip. In a good way.

eta: they just left this morning, so the link isn't working yet. It should be up later today.