Saturday, June 20, 2009

Things Learned So Far This Summer, Before the First Official Day of Summer

So, I guess I'm becoming one of those bloggers that updates about once every month. I'm going to do better. Really I am. I feel that if I tell myself that enough, I'll really believe it. So I'll start with a little list.

Things I've Learned So Far This Summer, Even Though It's Not Really Summer Yet:

1. Ellie is a serious climber. So far, she's climbed to the top of the slide on our swing set, the shelf with the TV, the baker's rack, and last night, the couch. She used her little ride-on car for that last one. Scary.

2. If your local meteorologist says that your area is in a "Ring of Fire", you've been warned - it's going to be seriously hot. Like melt your face hot. Sweating at 6:15 a.m. hot. August in June hot.

3. Hearing the term "Ring of Fire" used for your area will prompt Johnny Cash's song to be played over and over in your head for a few days.

4. Even living in said "Ring of Fire", pool water can still be strangely cold.

5. If you come across warm spots in said cold pool water, they should be avoided, especially in the kiddie area.

6. Summer television re-runs are a blessing. This is our reminder to turn off the TV and go play with the kids. Just listen to music and play games and create things. This should carry over even when the new shows come back on. There's not really anything worth watching anyway. Well, maybe The Office and Chuck. :) That's why we have recorders.

7. Handy Manny and Mickey Mouse really are good teachers. My four-year-old will listen and retain their lessons about recycling. Never mind the recycling box we have in the garage and our trips to the recycling drop-off.

8. My oldest is really living up to her name, which provides both exhaustion and comic relief. It's amazing what they say!

That's it for right now. Now for the obligatory pictures.