Wednesday, August 19, 2009

School Girl

My big girl started school yesterday. Well, it's preschool, and it will just be two days a week, but it's still school!

She was so excited. We have been talking about for weeks. She got a letter from the director a couple of weeks ago and listened to every word as I read it to her. We're excited because it's a Christian preschool. She'll be learning Bible verses there and at church during our AWANA program (which will be a whole 'nother post). Can't be a bad thing, having the Word of God poured out on her from other people!

It was doubly-exciting because one of her best friends is in her class too. Levi and she have been buddies pretty much since they met, and I'm sure they will be giving the teacher a run for her money! They're a mess when they get together!

After school we went out for ice cream. Always a good after-school treat!
I'm sorry to say this is the best picture I got:

The babies liked it too!

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  1. What big kids!! Love your blog! We finally have intenet now!! Have a great day!