Thursday, August 27, 2009

Happy 15 months!

Ellie is now fifteen months! I can't believe how the time passes.
A few Ellie fun facts:

Favorite food: The child could exist on graham crackers and bananas. Seriously. She is not a picky eater, which is very good for mommy.

Favorite word: Well, the thing she says the best is "Bye, bye. MMMMMMMMWAHHHH." She says "Oh!" instead of "Uh oh". I love to hear her talk.

Favorite toy: Anything she can get her hands on. She is a toddler, after all. I'm once again entering the world of put something away, pull something out, put something away, pull something else out. Wouldn't trade it for anything.

We go to the doctor Monday so I don't have weight, etc.

Ellie is such a joy to have. She is so loving and playful. She, very unlike her sister, goes to sleep well for naps and bedtime. It's still weird to me that she just goes to sleep when I put her in bed. She is such a good baby and we are so thankful for her!


  1. We are thankful for her, too! What precious girls! Glad to call you all friends!!

  2. Your new blog looks adorable, and so does Little Miss Ellie! I always have a hard time telling who your girls look like, but I definitely am seeing Jason in this picture!