Monday, May 3, 2010

Stage Girl

I really should make this a "Miraculous Mondays" post, as it appears I'm finally trying to blog at a regular pace again. But, alas, this one is about our little preschooler.

A few weeks ago Gabby's preschool presented the chapel program for the elementary school. I'm so sorry I don't have the video uploaded. Maybe one of these days we'll enter the digital age with our camcorder too. But I do have a few pics! They did some pretty cool stuff like saying the books of the New Testament and singing some songs.
This kid claims she's shy. Ha. Look at the little poser. It took her five minutes to get to her place on stage because she was striking a pose for the camera!

I have no idea what this kid is doing. . .

"I like to talk and whisper; I like to hum and sing."

Best buddy announcing he was going to pray. So cute!

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